"Eve Wagner is a superb mediator. She knows not only the law but also the realities what can happen at trial, is insightful, and prepares thoroughly. Equally important, Eve has good people skills. She knows how to handle parties with difficult personalities, has an excellent understanding of the mediation process and does not give up when a deal is not easily reached. She has settled every lawsuit (employment and business disputes) that I have mediated with her, and I have always left Eve's office fully satisfied with her efforts, professionalism and diligence."
Jeffrey W. Cowan The Cowan Law Firm, Santa Monica

"Eve Wagner is a tenacious mediator who does not disappoint. She knows the applicable law and quickly develops a strong command of the facts. Her manner puts the parties at ease. She has the respect of lawyers on both sides of the table. She has successfully mediated every case I've had with her. I look forward to using her again soon."
David Spivak, FightSexualHarassment.com

"Eve is one of the hidden treasures in the world of mediation. She really takes the time to understand both the legal and factual issues of the dispute, and her neutral approach is effective at getting the job done."
Ruben Escalante Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

"Absolutely floored at what a sophisticated employment mediator Ms. Wagner was. My firm had not used her before we were defending a complicated sexual harassment case. It was obvious Ms. Wagner had decades of experience as a litigator as she was able to craft a complicated settlement that made sense to all within hours. Employment lawyers would benefit greatly if she would turn her efforts to full time mediation."
Keith A. Fink Fink & Steinberg

"WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT EVE WAGNER, THE MEDIATOR? Mediation is an important tool in the litigants's tool kit because it gives the parties's control in reaching a cost effective solution to their dispute. A fair and knowledgeable mediator who is able to bring the parties together is key to a successful mediation. Eve Wagner has the right stuff - she applies her experience, knowledge and patience to help parties resolve their differences. She recently helped our client settle a complex employment dispute involving multiple parties, an evolving legal theory regarding "joint employment" on a construction project, and a rich fact pattern. We will seek Eve's assistance to mediate future cases."

"I recently used Eve Wagner as a mediator on a difficult disability discrimination/failure to accommodate case. She demonstrated a knowledge of the law and the facts such that she was able to be an effectiive "Devil's advocate" to both sides and bring about a satisfactory resolution. I would highly recommend Eve as a mediator in an employment case."
William Crosby

"I have known Eve Wagner for a couple of years and have used her as both an expert and a mediator. Eve is as intelligent and hardworking as attorneys come. In fact, I recently mediated a very contentious case with Eve that I thought had very little chance of settling. It was clear from the outset of the mediation that Eve had quickly mastered what was a set of fairly complex facts and identified the strengths and weaknesses in each side's case. Through Eve's patience, knowledge of the law and skill as a mediator, we were able to reach a settlement that both my clients and I were extremely satisfied with. I would highly recommend Eve Wagner to anyone looking for a lawyer or mediator that gets results."
Danielle Sokol Waxler Carner & Brodsky LLP

"Eve Wagner was very effective in mediating a difficult wrongful termination and interference with contract case involving multiple parties and complex issues. The mediation was scheduled for three hours and ten hours later the matter settled. Ms. Wagner was tenacious, thoughtful and sensitive to the issues."
John A. Roberts, Esq. BALL & ROBERTS

"My office utilized the mediation services of Eve Wagner twice over the past two years. I was impressed by Ms. Wagner's vast legal knowledge in different areas of the law. Specifically, the first matter was an employment case which involved wage and hour disputes, while the second lawsuit involved a real property ownership dispute with family law issues involved. Both cases resolved due to Ms. Wagner's professionalism and perseverance. I would highly recommend Ms. Wagner as a mediator."
Alex P. Katofsky Law Offices Of Alex P. Katofsky

"Eve is a sharp and effective mediator. We find her particularly skillful in mediating cases that involve highly charged personal and/or emotional issues, and keeping the parties comfortable and focused during the mediation process."
Michael T. Kennick, Esq. Kennick & Associates.


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