mediation procedures & rates

To schedule a private mediation, please telephone or email, Candace Yang, at (310) 712-8109, Email: or Diana Olivo at (310) 712-8100, Email:

Eve Wagner’s mediation rates are as follows:

Full day - $9,500 (which includes ten hours for the mediation, as well as reasonable time for prep and follow up)
Half – day - $6,000 ((which includes 4 hours for the mediation as well as reasonable time for prep and follow up)

Additional time is billed at $950 per hour.

Mediation briefs should be delivered five days prior to the mediation. The briefs may be sent by email to or with a copy to, and may be done in either pleading or letter format. Briefs that are in excess of 25 pages must also be submitted by hard copy. The briefs should include a factual summary, cast of characters, areas of significant factual/legal disagreements, obstacles to settlement (including personality conflicts, evidentiary problems, procedural issues, and so on), and settlement history, if any. Exhibits and deposition excerpts may also be provided.