mediation procedures & rates

To schedule a private mediation, please telephone or email, Candace Yang, at Tel: (310) 712-8109 or Email:

Ms. Wagner’s hourly rate is $600. Ms. Wagner also offers half day and full day rates.

Half- day -- $3,000 (which includes 4 hours plus 1 hour of prep)
Full day -- $5,400 (which includes 8 hours plus 1 hour of prep)

Mediation briefs should be delivered five days prior to the mediation. The briefs may be sent by fax (310-712-8108) or email (, and may be done in either pleading or letter format. The briefs should include a factual summary, cast of characters, areas of significant factual/legal disagreements, obstacles to settlement (including personality conflicts, evidentiary problems, procedural issues, and so on), and settlement history, if any. Exhibits and deposition excerpts may also be provided.